February 11, 2020 Eview Group

Being In Business Alone

Do you ever pick up a book and read the final few pages, first? Why?

It seems ridiculous to spoil the ending, when it’s your choice, your control, to join in the journey and experience life as the plot unfolds; to ride the highs and experience the lows with your newly made fictional friends. Yet sometimes, things just feel better when we know where we’ll end up, where the wild and crazy journey will take us. There’s a sense of calm and an overwhelming reassurance that nestles right in, when we know what the outcome looks like.

Let’s learn together, grasping this opportunity to learn from others, to identify the pitfalls that possibly pop-up along our own individual real estate journey.

As we talk to agents across the industry, the following story is one we hear all to often.

The lead up…

So, you’ve finally got some momentum.

You’ve spent your entire real estate ‘working-life’ building up to this point.

You’ve worked damn hard to get here; those late nights turned early mornings, the missed birthdays, holidays, weekends away – gone, as you create and pursue the destiny you so desire. You’ve done as they said; the cold-calling, the door-knocking, the training, the prospecting, analysed and delivered on excellent customer service, hit targets, and performed.

You’ve graduated. You are ready.

The flow of thoughts cycle through your mind, as the idea of taking that leap and ‘going alone’ excites your senses and tantalises your mind. The idea of such freedom, flexibility and financial gain, plays on your vulnerable and passionate mental state, often silencing all other aspects that cause the uncertainty when taking the leap.

The leap…

You decide to take the leap, and ‘go it alone’.

For the first while, it’s great, really, what’s not to love?

The first few months fly, you work your database, and your new marketing encapsulates and projects the exact message you’d hope for, helping you compete for your own slice of market share. The momentum is fresh, sleek and new. The late nights, the forgotten birthdays, even the early exists at social events, now all seem worth their while. You’re building an empire, an agency, a ‘celebrity’ profile.

Although sometimes, it can get lonely at the top.

Silent cheers and the sound of clapping echo in your mind as you make ‘that’ deal or sell ‘that’ house. The muted support and high-fives are only a figure of your imagination, in a world where you’re the key player – the only player, with no one to help celebrate your wins or brainstorm your challenges.

The energy bounces along in a rhythmic and repetitive motion, as you continue to list and sell, yet this time around, you’re now wearing all the hats – the admin hat, the accounting hat, the marketing hat, and of course, your favourite hat, the negotiating hat. Pushed and pulled in every way, your motivation and drive clouded by the stress and fogginess that comes with the consistent changes of hats.

It’s not long before the once ‘deliberately personalised’ customer service, you were so excited to offer, now only showcases a deteriorating, low-level client experience; as your title description ‘master craftsman of selling homes’, now sits snug amongst all the additional ‘jobs’ you carry out, just to keep the business afloat. You’re fumbling through daily activities that now take you away from what you do best, sell.

As you spread yourself so thin, the freedom and flexibility you initially so desperately yearned for; the financial independence; seem all too hard to find. When other agents, friends and family inquisitively question your consistent and hectic schedule, of course you reply with ‘busy’; yet, deep within your mind, somewhere in there, you know ‘busy’ doesn’t always accompany ‘success’, or provide the happiness, freedom and flexibility you craved early on.

Perhaps a singular hero is a myth….

Found deep within the final few pages of a fairy-tale, often you’ll find a singular ‘hero’ overcoming their own fears to triumph against adversity and succeed in reaching their end goal. We’ve been led to believe that one person alone, can grasp their true desire and execute their own plan to their full potential. If you read more, or, dig a little deeper, you’ll often find that even the greatest of hero’s, or big-business giants, always have an exceptional team, hidden in the background, working tirelessly and extensively, to help the singular hero achieve their goals.